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Your Vancouver piano mover should be chosen carefully if you want your treasured instrument to be transported safely to it’s next destination. You’ve probably chosen a reputable furniture moving company to pack up and transport your household furniture and belongings. However, qualifications of Vancouver  Piano Movers are different from for furniture movers.


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Big Vancouver guys with a truck do not equal a Vancouver Piano Mover professional. You may be thinking you can do it yourself. Pianos can weigh up to 1000 pounds. Do you have four friends that are strong enough to carry that weight and responsible enough not to damage the piano? Probably not. Besides, you do not want to be responsible for their orthopedic bills. 


Preparing for A Piano Move

Vancouver piano movers, advertise their services. It is a good idea when interviewing these companies to have your list of requirements handy for quick reference and to note their answers for later review. Experience should be at the top of your requirement list when hiring a piano mover in BC. Vancouver Piano Movers who have been in business for years can offer references from past customers.


What We Offer

Moving your piano can be quite the task. Not just because of the delicate nature of the instrument, but because it’s something that’s extremely dear and valuable to you. As seasoned professional piano movers in Vancouver city, we understand the importance of securing your piano, ensuring that your piano is not scratch and damage-free, and most importantly, transporting and storing it up for you in our world class climate controlled storage facilities.

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Are you moving? Do you need help transporting your piano to your new location? Then get the modern piano moving and old-fashioned care from the genuine, caring experts at Vancouver Piano Movers 

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