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Moving can be a great transformative time, but it always comes with a multitude of challenges. If moving on your own, you must rent the appropriate vehicle, move everything without breaking anything, and get all your belongings into your new home without damaging the items or your property. These tasks make it a bit overwhelming to try to tackle a relocation on your own. To lighten the load for you and eliminate your anxieties, consider hiring a moving company. At Vancouver Cheap Movers, we offer a full range of moving services to make your move better! Hire our team at a low hourly rate to tackle whatever it is that you need assistance with – from carrying furniture to boxing everything for the move.


Properly packing and unpacking is incredibly important when moving. Failing to properly wrap breakables or ensure items aren’t jostled about during transport leads to breakage of and damage to your belongings. If you hire a moving company to do the packing and unpacking for you, they are liable if anything gets broken during the move. Additionally, a reliable mover has experienced, trained staff that know the best techniques for keeping items protected and can get the job done quickly. Adding packing and unpacking services to your moving package can be a smart investment. Here are some of the packing/unpacking services we offer:


  • Partial packing: Partial packing includes packing only the items that you specifically want packed. This is often a good choice when you need pack certain fragile items, like china, jewelry, or antiques separately and safely. Often our customers intend to pack everything on their own but run out of time to complete the process. We’re happy step in and complete the pack for you!

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  • Full packing: With a full pack, our crew packs up your entire home for you – from the dishes in your cupboards to the clothes hanging in the closets. A full pack is commonly performed for large interstate moves. For example, a family moving from a house in Vancouver to another state would most likely want a full pack so that they could get everything moved out of the way at once. This takes all the pressure of moving off you and lets us handle the entire job.
  • Furniture assembly and disassembly: Another important service we offer is furniture assembly and disassembly. Many larger items of furniture, like beds and dining tables, should be disassembled before a move and reassembled at arrival. Trying to move large pieces of furniture entirely in one piece is often not very realistic. However, trying to take everything apart and put it back together again on your own can also be a large hassle. We entirely relieve your headache by taking care of this for you.
  • Packing for storage: Another service that you can take advantage of letting us help pack items for storage. Packing for storage often requires different procedures than standard packing to ensure the safety of your items for the duration of their time locked away. We ensure your belongings are sealed to reduce the threat from mildew, dust, vermin, and other storage hazards.
  • Unpacking: Finally, we can also help take care of unpacking. Unpacking can be as troublesome as packing if you try it on your own, but using a Vancouver local moving company to assist makes the endeavor dramatically easier. Before you know it, we’ll have everything unboxed and put away in drawers, cabinets, and closets so your move will be finished.

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